+++ Corona Virus: the pupils attending to our individual webbased instruction won't miss a single lesson +++ We are offering distance teaching for over 10 years +++ The times they are a-changing - make use of it! +++
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wherever you are

Online classes - of course live!

and certainly individualized …

No need to travel to your teacher's place, storm or snow won't impede you, a mild flue doesn't need to interrupt your education.

We started with distance teaching in the past millennium. At first, it was audio-based and that was sufficient for students we already knew for some time and who moved to another place - wanting desperately to continue with their education.
But bare audio is not such a good means for people we never met in person.
Thankfully, almost anyone today has access to video-conference. Now it's possible to see the student while he is performing and he can see the teacher as well. So now, everything is possible. You can even mix up live and online classes.

It is not our kind of business to produce video-courses, sell those in large numbers, and let the students help themselves in the FAQ-section.

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