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how to make music

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Individual lessons and Ensemble playing

So you'd like to learn how to make music? - let us tell you how we are doing it:

The fundamental, primary skill you should develop is to be able to imagine what you want to realize with your instrument. This capacity, to imagine something, is most often overlooked in the general teaching process. But this will give you the key to enter a piece - any piece. It could be a Christmas song, a classical Sonata or a Jazz standard.

As soon as you learn about what a "com-position" is, meaning the elements it is made of, i.e. melody, rhythm, harmony etc. you get the chance to practice much more efficiently. You will be able to save yourself lots of time when you receive the proper guidance. Just like an athlete, your training will consist of various parts. You can concentrate on working on either technique or musical theory, or ensemble playing, Improvisation, the particular nature of your instrument …

This holds regardless of the instrument you choose and applies to any style of music.

An essential part of your musical education will be playing together with other students, of course depending on your schedule and the place you live.

We offer an opportunity for everyone to reach their goal together with a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher, be it children, grown-ups, beginners or well-advanced musicians.

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