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show what you've got

perform on youtube

so everyone can hear it - at any time

The typical annual student recital is but one option …

No harm intended - It is perfectly fine to do it that way.
But after using the internet all the time, the next step for us occurred naturally:
to present the outcomes of the student's efforts fully accessible for everyone.

It's not about putting the "TOP 3" in the race. Each student has his channel and may present a recording whenever he is ready to. No more deadline pressure. And each one according to their level, beginners or more advanced ones, young and old -
one can even follow how they are evolving.

If the video is successful - great! If the student gets criticized - he can learn from it or learn to live with it.
If you are interested in our work, you can see behind the curtain here.

Musical instruction Reiner Endisch


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